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An eclectic potpourri of short stories written by young writers, Urban Shots: Yuva offers a realistic, panoramic, view of today’s India. Narrated with intensity, these sharply introspective and distinct tales are reflective of the diverse nature of our lives in Indian cities. In ‘The Love Note’, Tara and Rahul find unexpected love after a bitter fight; widowed Nikita finally learns to let go of her past in ‘Long Walk Back to the Shore’; while Gopal unwittingly encounters danger in ‘The Cab Driver’.
Poignant, optimistic, and sometimes sinister, the stories in this sparkling collection will remain with you long after you’ve read them.
Edited by Lipi Mehta, this anthology unearths exciting new talent.



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About the Authors

Lipi Mehta (EDITOR)
Lipi Mehta struggles less with reading than she does with writing though she can seldom pick just one between the two.

Adithya Narayanan
Adithya Narayanan is a Teach For India Fellow, teaching a 5th 61 kids in Malwani—Asia’s second largest slum. When he’s not teaching his kids, he’s either playing football, writing or looking out of the window of a bus, planning his own revolution.

Anant Tripathi
Anant Tripathi had the good fortune of growing up ignorant of the possibilities of the written word. Today, not many years thence, he struggles anew each day to write his novel and prepares for the day his first manuscript will receive its first rejection—when the ad production business gives him a minute, that is.

Neha Joshi
Neha Joshi is a journalist by degree and a teacher by choice. She spends her time eating, cooking and dreaming about good food when she isn't teaching a class of seven-year-olds to dream big.

Hina Siddiqui
Hina Siddiqui writes and creates drama on a daily basis. Literally. Her last play ‘White Noise’ was notoriously acclaimed, almost to the point of being stopped on stage by the moral police. Her special skills include challenging the patriarchy, questioning traditional belief systems and making one heck of an omelet. She can be reached at

Aniroodha Mukherjee
Born in Ajmer, Aniroodha is a photographer, writer and public health management enthusiast. For his stories, he draws inspiration from his upbringing and loves writing about the small things in life. He is currently pursuing my masters in public health from Delhi.

Srinidhi Raghavan
Srinidhi currently lives in a space between reality and an alternate universe with pixies, fairies and female superheroes. Her everyday work involves working on issues regarding women and child rights. She writes to make sense of this complicated world.

Aniket Dasgupa
Aniket Dasgupta is a film-maker, writer, graphic designer and Earl Grey activist among many other things. He loves travelling and hates stagnancy. When not pursuing existential quests, he questions why the universe does what it does.

Tnahsin Garg
Tnahsin is a young, restless wanderer who is currently exploring Europe while pursuing his Ph.D. His first novel The Prophecy of Trivine of the science fiction genre will be soon released. The curious ones can find him at http:// T. Nandagopal T. Nandagopal is a working engineer. He is interested in writing about things and people with subtler shades of meaning than is normally attributed to them. He considers himself influenced heavily by Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and to a lesser extent, Jhumpa Lahiri. Other than writing, his interests include football and music.

Arka Basu
Arka Basu is a student of English Literature. He has an avid interest in experimental poetry and traditional forms of poetry. He wishes to continue writing short stories which explore the nature of companionship, the immutability of social barriers and the philosophy of art.

Janice Rodrigues
Janice Rodrigues is a journalism graduate of Wilson College, Mumbai. In her spare time she enjoys meeting people, having new experiences, going on endless sitcom sprees and just appreciating life. Sometimes she even manages to do a little writing! You can contact her at

Mona Ramavat
Mona Ramavat is a writer and journalist based in Hyderabad. She has written for various publications over a career spanning a decade and is currently with India Today. Besides cutting-edge lifestyle reporting, she indulges her creativity with poetry, short stories and scribbles.

Kiren Jogi
For Kiren Jogi, writing is an added feather to her cap of many talents. She is a renowned actor from Birmingham who has had a successful career in the UK after graduating from the University of Aberystwyth in Drama, Performance and Film Studies. She features in advertisements and Bollywood films as well.

Sneh Thakur
Sneh Thakur is a brand and innovation junkie who has worked with leading FMCG brands. Born in Kuwait, she traveled her way from refugee camps during the Kuwait war to study in Dehradun, Delhi, Indore and Pune. She currently lives in Dubai and describes herself best in five words, "Pint-sized Rapunzel. On a cloud".

Naman Saraiya
Naman Saraiya is a writer, journalist and a photographer based in Mumbai.

Kailash Srinivasan
Kailash Srinivasan published his first book, What Happened to That Love, a short story collection, in 2010, and is currently working on his second book. Apart from this, some of his work has appeared in Urban Shots – Love Collection, Chicken Soup series of books, and in literary magazines in India and Australia.

Esha Vaish
Esha Vaish is a financial journalist with Thomson Reuters. Having previously contributed an article in the 'Expressive Self' creative writing coursebook, the author has always had a keen interest in fiction writing. She has a bachelors degree in journalism from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (UG).

Aakash Karkare
Aakash is a movie buff and loves movies from all over the world. He studies media at Sophia Polytechnic and is 21 years old. He loves playing tennis and even reads and writes about it. Do check out his web series, Incredible Indians, where he showcases his short films and videos.

Tejal Johri
Tejal Johri is 22 years old and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in economics from the Energy and Resource Institute, New Delhi. She is a fan of J. M. Coetzee's writing and loves reading and writing. She travels in her spare time and is obsessed with good indie rock music.

Arpita Bohra
Arpita Bohra is a Lit. Graduate who is wrapping up her Masters in Counselling. She feels writing and psychotherapy involve the same process- an intense and sensitive engagement with stories and narratives; the imagined, the lived and the possible. Read more of her writings at -